Ann Reidenbach, MPH, RD, CD
Nutrition Therapist

Bringing Awareness, Wellbeing, and Enjoyment to Eating

My mission is to empower you so you may become your own nutrition expert!  This is achieved, in part, by taking away the rules of eating. Instead skills are taught to help you focus on listening to your body, identifying physical hunger, knowing what really satisfies you and honoring cravings.  Due to busy professional and family schedules, we will also look at strategies to help you plan for feeding yourself so you take time to eat and not just grab food.

My services are offered in the form of one-to-one counseling, family-based counseling or small group classes.  Classes include an eight session Mindful Eating group where you will explore and develop the skills to slow down and taste. Please take the time to explore the services we offer:


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